The Believers Worship Center, Inc. (TBWC) has enabled on-line giving as a convenience for those who would like to support the ministries of the Church. You should know that the gifts you give enable us to operate many different ministries that are run by volunteers. Your giving helps meet physical and spiritual needs of the many people who attend our services each week or experience TBWC online. When you give a gift to TBWC it impacts lives both locally and nationally. We appreciate your partnership with us in our mission. Your faithful contributions serve one life after another.

We discourage the use of on-line giving through credit cards if you are going to incur debt in the process. If you need help working on a plan to bring order to your finances, please contact us for more information about our budget and credit counseling services.

If you have questions about on-line giving or about entering a transaction, please contact us at 301.390.8292

Please select a contribution type and click Donate to continue to payment.